Sail Training

Youth Sail Training

We are providing youth training on Tuesday evenings each week for the youth members of the club.  We have eight juniors that have committed to a full season of sailing under supervision of senior club members.  So far things are going well and the group ranges from race ready very competent assistant instructor to three that are just beginning.  It has been interesting and enjoyable working with the kids and it does show a strong presence on the lake.  This program is meant for local juniors only and we have as many  as we can handle with volunteers at this time. If you are interested contact the club via email at:  OR drop by the club in person on Tuesday evenings.

Free Sailing

We are offering free sailing on Sundays for 6 weeks starting July 7th.   This is to be arranged in advance so that an appropriate number of skippers are available with boats.  It will run from 10:00 to 1:00 on Sundays only.  Contact can be made through the club e-mail: